Seller’s agent – As your agent we will walk you through each process, advise on how to prepare your home for listing and market it to get it sold. Although you are not required to use our home repair and remolding services, we make it available and easy to do any pre-sale items or punch lists by just letting your agent know what you would like done.

Buyer’s agent – As your agent it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time purchasing a home or your 100th home, we will put forth the due diligence you deserve to locate the house for you. We will do our best to find every fact about the home, negotiate a great price and be with you during every step in the process. Our agent can also give you an idea of pricing and changes you wish to make to the home after purchase.

Property Management – Owning a rental property can be a challenge. We aim to make it less stressful for you, while still being profitable. Unlimited Resource is available to do any repairs at a discount for any of the properties we manage, while still taking over the day to day needs of the company.

Real Estate Representation

  • Seller’s Agent- A sales professional becomes a Seller’s Agent by entering into a listing agreement to represent the seller’s interests. Seller representation also exists when a sales professional shows a property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and a “buyer agency” isn’t established. A Seller’s Agent may provide information to assist the buyer but must place the interests of the seller first.
    • Do not disclose anything to the Seller’s Agent you don’t want the seller to know.
  • Buyer’s Agent- A sales professional becomes a Buyer’s Agent by entering into an agreement to represent the buyer. A Buyer’s Agent can assist the seller, but must place the interests of the buyer first.
    • Sellers should not tell the Buyer’s Agent anything they do not want the buyer to know, because the Buyer’s Agent must disclose pertinent information to the buyer.
  • Dual Agent- Dual agency occurs when a sales professional represents both the seller and the buyer. It also occurs when the Listing or Seller’s Agent works for the same firm as the Buyer’s Agent. In many states, the buyer, the seller and the sales professional must agree to a dual agency in writing.
    • The Dual Agent is required to treat the buyer and seller honestly and impartially, but the potential for conflict of interest exists.
    • The Dual Agent’s duties are more limited. Sometimes a Dual Agent is described as a transaction broker or an intermediary.


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